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Thursday, 13 August 2009

boss wars

A long long time a go in a galaxy far far away

record scratch,,,, back to reality

This is quite a complicated story so bear with me and I will try to tell it as best I can.
I have worked at my store now for nearly ten years and for as long as I have worked there my boss has worked there, she had worked there for years before I worked there, in fact you could say that this job is her life.

about two years ago our store was forced to re locate after the company had bought 29 new locations and rather than have our store so close to another store, they consolidated the two stores in to one.

We quickly settled in to the new location and my boss got to work sorting out all the paper work and loose ends from the new stores old files and business transactions. she finally got everything up to speed about a half a year ago. and that's when they lowed the boom.

She received word that the company thought that she would be be better placed at another store because she wasn't performing up to standards at the store she was at. This sent her in to a rage as you can imagine and for the next few weeks she became a nervous wreck.

soon after the full store emerges that the manager from that store is going to come and take over at our store. I had worked with that manager before and I remember him seeming to be a spoilt person and very stuck up, I got the impression he was the district managers favorite and he knew it but I would soon learn my lesson for been so judgemental.

My boss fought against the decision with every thing she had even going to a solicitor and citizens advice , but unfortunately for her she was denied against her fight to stay so then she appealed against that decision still to no avail.

she was bitter against what had happened to her and she was looking to put the blame on anything at this point, she even went as far as to put in a claim of sexual discrimination, claiming that it was just to dangerous for her to go home at such a late hour from so far away. also that the district manager wanted only men running his stores. Again it was no use the decision had been made and she would have to move.

she soon seemed to have a resentment for the new manager saying he would look for any excuse to give us warnings and get rid of us and that he was looking to hire all the staff from his old store and replace us with them. With what I remember oh him the idea of what she said was a strong possibility. I was worried that things were going to spiral out of control my boss who had hired me was falling from grace because of her resentment for what had happened to her. she was angry and I think if I was in the same position as she was then I wouldn't be to happy about it either, but I like to think that I would be more graceful about it, that I would rise above the situation buy going to the other store and doing the best I can and making such a impact on the store that everybody would see just how versatile I am at what I do and that I can do it well.

My boss has been on holiday for this last week, she leaves on the 17th of this month and for the first time the other day I got to speak to the new boss. I was amazed by the fact that he was not the stuck up all about me me me kind of person that I remember anymore, he was now a mature and responsible person who spoke to me like a person not a number and respected my opinion and had a good sense of humour. He also listened to my ideas and seemed to want to act on them we had a good talk and I must admit I like him. I think he will make a great boss, I hope anyway.

Now the main problem is that my boss is back from holiday and in a few hours from now I will be working with them both because we have to do a inventory and with him taking over next week he is going to be there, so it's going to be me my present boss and him all alone in the store together. while I'm sure that everything will be ok there is a part of me that is thinking it will be all out war and I will be stuck in the middle.

My beautiful Jenn said "Just keep your self to your self don't pick sides and just do your work"
I plan to do just that and I hope that nothing bad happens like a boss war.


Jillien said...

I think that was perfect advice from Jenn. Smart girl you've got there :)

-stephanie- said...

Your beautiful Jen sure is a keeper. Great advice.

Morgan said...

Jennifer's advice was great! It's hard not to let all of it get to you when one person's always talking badly to you about the other. You'll be happier if you just ignore it. I'm glad that you were able to see the new boss differently than you previously had, and that you were able to see past all of the negative things that your current boss said about him. It all really says a lot about your character, Wayne. You're a good person.

Emily said...

Yep, I'm with the rest....Jenn's got the right idea!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you took my advice