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Sunday, 24 January 2010

its getting worse

I guess that really I am writing this post to vent my frustration at the situation that seems to be getting even worse that it was. I have written about this before. I am talking about the situation with the games and parents renting them for there kids.

Now I am all for games, I love to play them and I think that they are great. but however , I really wanted to say something today when a lady walked in the store with little boy that I would say was no older than 6 years old. she took him to the games section and asked him which game he would like.

the little guy jumped for joy and ran and picked up a game and said "Mommy I want this one"
I looked at the game he was holding up. it was Call of duty Modern warfare 2, a 18 rated game which is well known for the violence and strong language.

I felt my heart sink in to my shoes. as she took the game from him and said come on then leading him to the counter and handing me the game, it was on the edge of my tongue to say "I'm sorry but I have to refuse you service" but I can't

But I did hold the case up to her and point to the 18 sticker and say " You do realise that this game is rated 18 and has very strong language and scenes of violence" and I gave a glance down at her child.

She just looked at me and gave a chuckle and said Oh it's OK. I really wanted to say no it's not. but I just got the disc for the game and then she said oh it's for my husband after I just herd the child say that it was that game he wanted. I knew it was for the child. She took the game and she put it in her bag and I think she even gave me a look of disgust.

All I was doing was looking out for the little guy,

children are so impressionable and there is a reason that the games and movies have age ratings on them. the way I see it is that she just rented him that game, she may as well have just stuck him in a room on his own put the exorcist on the TV and turned out the lights, its the same thing and I cant stand the thought of children being harmed in any way.

once again I am really sorry if this post offends anyone , that is not my intention. I just wish there was some law that said if we suspected that the parent or adult was renting a game or movie that was over the age of the child then we could officially refuse them service.

those poor kids don't need to see that kind of thing or at least not till they are old enough to get it them selves..


Alex the Girl said...

I agree with you 100 percent. I have raised my 2 girls, now 18 and 16 the same way. I was very strict on what they watched, and what they played! Good for you for at least trying to step in.

Momisodes said...

That is just terrible! And I couldn't agree more.

Jennifer said...

I wish there was more you could do, but I really don't think there is. I'm glad you tried, though.