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Friday, 8 January 2010

My visit with Jenn

I am so very sorry that this has taken so long but let me explain. while I was there with Jenn it seems that my computer took a turn for the worst and died on me. I had to f11 and recover the hard drive which means I lost all the pictures from my computer but lucky for me I had them saved on my phone.

So I never got round to writing about mine and Jenn's last visit together.
so here it is as best as I can remember it.

I got to Atlanta on the 31st of October 2009 I wanted to be there for my beautiful Jenn's birthday which was on the 1st of November so I got there a day before. I got to the baggage terminal and waited for my Jenn and right on Que there she was, looking so perfect and beautiful.

I always have a fresh memory of just how she looks when I first see her and she always looks so amazing. her friend Clair had been kind enough to give Jenn a ride to the airport and took me and my Jennifer back to her college.

We went to my Jennifer's dorm and sat for a while before going to the motel and getting moved in for the stay. so now I will write the things that we did while I was there.

I remember that the weather was mostly beautiful while I was there and all the trees where still green. We went to our favorite restaurant and I had spaghetti and meat sauce, Jenn had a pizza.

I remember on Jennifer's birthday the 1st of November I wanted to get Jenn something but I wanted her to pick what she liked so I took her to the square and she picked out a beautiful ring with her birth stone in it Topaz. I know it made her happy because she was looking at it all the time. it made me so happy to see her delight in the gift that she had. We walked around the square and sat on the bench and I held her hand and told her that I love her more than anything and will forever.

I also remember what could possibly be one of the best days of my entire life so far, Clarie Jennifer's friend had paid for a carriage ride for me and Jennifer. we got to what I would call a ranch and there was a carriage there and a man called Wes was our carriage driver and the horse was called Dilbert and there was a small dog that came along for the exorcise called ruby. I helped Jenn in to the open top carriage and we began our trip. the weather was beautiful and there was a nice breeze.

I felt so happy I was in a horse lead carriage with the woman I love more than anything in the world, it was just like something out of a fairy tale. Jenn was resting on my shoulder and it really was so very perfect, no matter how I try to describe it I just can't write about how happy I was and how happy my Jenn makes me.

I also remember that we did some baking , well Jenn did most of the baking I just helped a little, Jenn is really good at making food. we baked velvet balls together. we went out almost every day to the square and had food from McDonald's a lot too,

one thing I had planned before I got there is to take enough money to get Jennifer a Christmas gift also because I wouldn't be there with her for Christmas and that way I could see her with her gift also.
I got her a I pod touch and Jennifer got me one and we spent most of the rest of that evening just playing on them. I got to meet a lot of Jennifer's friends on this trip and one friend I got to meet was Jennifer's and my good friend Morgan, I had spoken to Morgan so many times online and had spoken with her on the phone on occasion and I finally got to meet her, she is a wonderful person and I am happy to know her. she took me and Jennifer and took some wonderful pictures of me and Jennifer. it was so nice to have some one take our pictures rather than me holding the camera at arms length and hoping I got the aim right.

One of the biggest days there was a day that I baptized my beautiful Jennifer in to the latter day saints. it was a amazing experience and I remember feeling so nervous, right until the point where I got in to the water and then the nerves disappeared. I said the blessing and baptized my beautiful Jenn. it was so perfect. after we had food and went to the Blake's house.

These are the main events that I remember from mine and Jennifer's trip there are so many more things that we did and so many memories that I will never forget.

I said to Jennifer just before I had to come back to England that the way I see it is that when I go to England I am not going home. My home is with Jennifer England is just where I go to work.
I can't wait to be back with my beautiful Jennifer soon. I love you my beautiful Jennifer


Morgan said...

This was so sweet, Wayne. I'm so happy that I was finally able to meet you during your last visit and I cannot wait until you come back again! I loved reading all of the details of your last visit. I'll definitely take more pictures of the two of you when you come back. You need to post the pictures from last time here on your blog. All of your blog readers need to see what a cute couple the two of you are!

Jennifer said...

It was really a wonderful trip. I can't wait til you're here again.