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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I was a super hero

When I was younger I was Super man or at least that's what I thought. I believed that I could even fly I would stand on my bed and jump as high as I could. I also could run at super speed and had strength that was unmatched .

As I grew up I started to see flaws in my logic, I seemed to have trouble flying, something to do with every time I jumped up I came back down again. My ex ray vision that had never worked before still didn't work and I couldn't lift cars and throw them.

I grew up and stopped believing in these things. I threw away my imaginary cape and got on with the every day things in life school and when I left school I started work.

Life hit home and I never really thought about super hero's again.

until I saw a video of a soldier that had come home for Christmas to see his daughter, she was 8 years old and her wish was to see her dad for Christmas, she saw him and she loved him and told him about how much she had missed him and that she loved him. it suddenly became all so clear.

to that little girl her dad was a super hero he was her super hero.

So perhaps when me and Jenn have kids then I can be a super hero again. I will do everything I can to be their super hero. I may not wear the cape but I would love for them to see me as their super hero.


Justin Draplin said...

Yeah, but you can wear a cape :-)

Jennifer said...

You're my hero and I know you'll be our kids' hero, too!