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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Operation Valentine's Day

This is my story about how I surprised Jennifer on valentines day. This was one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced in my life. I had to save and plan without Jennifer catching on to my secret mission. I could not have done it alone, though, and I had Morgan to help me.

So it all started just after I got back from seeing Jennifer in November. I had just got paid and I had enough money to get my next plane ticket. I was talking to Morgan about going too see Jenn and I remember saying that I dare not even say it too loud in case I couldn’t afford to get there for when I had planned which was on my birthday, the 15th of February.

I had never tried to get there in such a short time between visits-- it was only three months. I spent the night weighing the odds. And the next day I came to the decision that I would try to make it happen. I l looked at so many different flights and prices. I didn’t only have to consider the flight and date , I also had to try and figure out the best time for Jenn but without her knowing. I talked to Morgan about this and we finally came up with a date. I booked the ticket for the 14th of February. I would surprise her on Valentine's Day. I knew it would take a lot of hard work but I had such a strong feeling that I could do it.

I began saving every week and I was working all the hours that I could. I still had a lot to plan. Usually Jenn would come and pick me up from the airport, I had never even imagined trying to get to her myself. There was also the major problem that I talk to Jenn every day and night. I would have to find some way to not only fool Jenn into not thinking anything was out of the ordinary but I would also have to come up with a way to not speak to her for nearly a full 30 hours and not have her panic or think something was wrong.

As time went by a plan began to form. Jenn would keep asking me when I was coming over next, but all I said was "I can’t tell you." I would talk to Jenn every day and night and every time it was on the tip of my tongue to tell her but I never said a word. As time drew near the plan was forming.

So for t the first time I will write the plan that me and morgan had made.

On the 13th of February, I would set off to the airport. Jenn usual didn’t call me until late on a Saturday, so I had that to my advantage, but I would say that a storm was messing up the internet and I couldn’t really hear her if she did call and to sell the idea even more I would hang up every couple of minutes , plus with the loud announcements at the airport I could just hang up every time they announced something so Jenn wouldn’t hear it .

I told Jennifer that on the Sunday 14th a big boss was visiting the store and I wouldn’t be able to answer my phone or send her many messages . On the day I would get to the airport Morgan’s dad would pick me up. I asked Jennifer to do something special for me on Valentine's day. We have a tree that we had our picture taken under by Morgan. Now here is the clever part of the plan. My plane landed at 3:15 pm and I had to get to Jenn. So I said to her that there was no way I could get there on Valentine's Day so would she have her picture taken for me under our tree at sunset and I knew that she would ask Morgan to take the pictures . Sunset was at around 5:30 pm. That would give me just over two hours to get to her and surprise her, and I thought that it would be great to have her go to the tree and I would be there waiting for her with a dozen roses.

So that was the plan, to fly 6000 miles and get to the tree before jenn and do all this and make her think it was a normal day and I was working.

To find out how it went, come back and read my blog when I ill post how it all turned out...


Morgan said...

I'm still amazed by how well the whole thing turned out! And you, Wayne- you were amazing! I don't think I ever told you how impressed I was that you kept it a secret for such a long time. Well now I'm telling you! Very impressive. You see, you CAN keep a secret!

Alex the Girl said...

How wonderfully sweet. You're going to have a hard time beating this one next Valentine's day,

Jennifer said...

Haha I agree with Alex!

Love you!

The High Family said...

ok...the suspense is killing me. WHAT HAPPENED!

Happy belated Valentine's Day you two love birds! ;)