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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Damned if I do and damned if I don't

Living with my mother and my niece Natalie really wonderful when things are going right, but however every so often they do have a difference of opinion and that's when things get very complicated for me. I love them both and I hate to see them arguing over things that are usually so simple and silly but are life and death to them both, I honestly expect them to take ten paces turn and shoot at each other some times.

But yesterday they got in to quite a heated argument over something that always causes a rift in anything Money I sat and listened to the argument as it got worse and worse, I had taken the decision to not take action and get involved because if I took sides then the opposite side would blame me for taking sides. I just looked at my laptop and stayed quiet.

eventually my name was called and I was asked a question and my response was
" Keep me out of this one".

The argument ended with my mother storming off upstairs and Natalie sat watching tv. both were still mad.

The next morning Natalie had gone to see her boyfriend, which was part of the source of the argument. and my mother was sat in the chair. My mother looked at me and I asked her how she was and she said she was ok but was annoyed at me because I didn't stand up for her in the argument last night. I told her that I wouldn't get involved in such a silly argument that would only end up getting me the blame if I took sides with either one of them.

So mom was mad at me for not taking her side and Natalie while I hadn't seen her on this day was probably annoyed with me also for not taking her side and I was getting in trouble for staying out of it too, so as my title for this post says,

I was damned if I did and I am damned if I didn't so while there was no winner and a loser between those two it seems that I can do nothing but loose in this one, but I would rather loose knowing that I didn't help either one to win than lose knowing that I had helped one win other the other.


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry that you had to be in the middle of it, but I'm proud of you for not taking sides. Sometimes it's hard not to take a side, but it's really smarter not to.

Morgan said...

Those types of situations are always so tough. We all have to pick and choose our battles, and sometimes it's just better not to get involved. Don't worry about your mom getting mad at you. You did the right thing.