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Thursday, 9 September 2010

I never saw it coming

This is a blog about my niece Natalie.
who has just had a really bad day and I feel so sorry for her.

This story begins just before I got back from seeing my beautiful Jenn.
My niece Natalie was living with her boyfriend and they were living with my niece Naomi who has her own place. They had been living there since just before I had gone to be with my Jenn and as far as I knew everything was going well.

When I landed back in England I stopped by to see my sister Jane before going back to my mothers house. my sister told me that Natalie and her boyfriend had had a argument of some kind with Naomi and that they were now living with me and my mother.

So in a two bedroom house there were five people now, me my mother Natalie baby Marcus and Natalie's boyfriend. This situation could not carry on for very long and Natalie and her boyfriend were told that they situation was temporary and they needed to find a place as soon as possible.

a few weeks rolled by and then they found a place that they could both move in to, Natalie's boyfriend "PAID" the deposit and they were told that they could move in on the 16th of August.
Notice I have put the word paid in caps, the reason for this is that it is important later on in the story.

The 16th came and I was at work, I was fully expecting to come back and they would have moved out, I got a message from my mother saying, Wayne red alert please call asap.
This sent me in to a panic, I called straight away. Mom told me that apparently the builders in the flat that Natalie and her boyfriend were going to move in to had found a leak and it would take them another week to fix it.

I must admit that this got my suspicion raised, surly private land lord wouldn't put a flat on the market for rent if they had a leak. and that started to raise more questions in my mind. Why couldn't they move in straight away? they had paid their deposit so surly they could move in.

I couldn't help but think that something just wasn't adding up
it seemed that every time they were due to move out, things kept going wrong. and I even said to them that if I was in their shoes I would have asked the flat owner why things kept going wrong and that I would tell him that if anything els went wrong I would ask for my deposit back and give it to some one who had a flat ready to move in to immediately, if they have paid the money then surly that have rights.

but we carried on as normal and every thing seemed ok, they had got a date they could move in again. the days rolled by and soon enough came the date for them to move out. I was at work and again and yet another message from my mother asking me to call.

When I called this time Natalie's boyfriend had said that they had found yet another problem with the flat and that they would have to wait again. I couldn't believe it. this sounded to me like they had paid their money to a con man looking to make money out of innocent people like my niece and her boyfriend.

I told my mother we would have to talk about it when I got back to the house. I finished my shift and got back to the house and it's here where the story takes a sinister twist. I got in to the room and my mother was sat with Natalie and her boyfriend. she told me that she had gotten Natalie's boyfriend to admit that he had been lying about the flat, he finally said to me that the deal had fallen through a while ago but he had been to afraid to mention it and that he was sorry he hadn't said anything before.

I looked at him and I said to him that it took guts to look some one in the eye and admit that they had been lying to them. I thanked him for been honest with me, both me and my mother then told them they they must look for a place and move out withing two weeks or we would have no choice but to send them some where els. me and my mother only have a small two bedroom house and with all five of us living under the same roof it wasn't fair to anyone.

They agreed and promised to start looking the next day.
The next evening came and I had got back from work and there was great news. Natalie and her boyfriend had got a viewing for a place, they were told they could move in as soon as they put down the deposit on the place. Natalie's boyfriend told us they he got paid on a Tuesday and that they would be moving out on that day right after he had finished work.

Finally the big day came and everything was going according to plan, my niece had her bags packed and was waiting with baby Marcus to hear from her boyfriend via text that he was on his way back and they could finally move in together.

I had just got ready for work, I heard the door go and it went very quiet down stairs. I walk down stairs to find my mother sat in her chair with baby Marcus. Natalie had rushed out. I asked my mother what had happened and she said that she felt something was wrong because Natalie had got a message on her phone and when she read it she went gave Marcus to my mother and went to get some credit for her phone so she could make a call.

I too felt that there was something not quit right. I walked the long way round to work in hopes that I would see Natalie. I walked round and saw Natalie at the phone box, she had sent a message to her boyfriend. I asked her if everything was ok and she said that every thing was fine, but she seemed like she was hiding something, perhaps it was the excitement of moving out.

I went to work and had a busy day, I didn't really have time to call my mother.
I got back to the house to find my mother in her chair glancing to the side. I looked at where she was looking to see that Natalie was laid on the sofa with a coat over her to keep her warm. she was very quiet .

I sat next to her and asked her what had happened. she sat up and told me that her boyfriend had gone to work as normal and when she had gone to the phone box that something was bothering her and she had not said anything because she felt embarrassed about it.

I told her that my mother had told me that she had got a text and that's when she had gone running out. and when I asked Natalie what the text message said, she told me that it was from her boyfriend and it said.

I'm not coming back.


ash said...

sorry to hear about your niece's troubles. hopefully she will be able to find herself in a healthier situation soon. she and your nephew deserve better!

Jennifer said...

I do feel sorry for her. I hope she learns from this and finds a better situation for her and Marcus.

Morgan said...

I cannot even imagine how hard that must be on Natalie. I do hope that things get better for her and that she can figure out a plan for herself and for Marcus. I'll be praying for her.