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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pushing back the invading force

I am not talking about a military campaign, I am talking about the three forces that I have been fighting against and am now on the edge of winning the battle.

The first force was Athletes foot.

My tactics for defeating this are.

Shower first thing in the morning and wash between each toe with soap.
Get out of shower and dry between each toe first with a towel and then after use toilet paper to dry between toes.
and then I use Daktarin cream and rub in between infected area.

I repeat this process at night also.

Second is a rash that I got from a cream that I used for my feet before Daktarin.
I got blisters on my fingers , it almost looked like I have been burned all over my hands.
I have been using a cream for that also that my mother advised me to use and he bumps and lumps are slowly going down.

the third is a cold, this is the least worrying of the three, I know that the cold will go away by it's self sooner or later, but it is still a pain to have a cold while dealing with the other two.

So I have reached the point with the three that I am starting to win over them the athletes foot has now almost stopped itching and the area that the skin is raw is now starting to heal.

My bumps and lumps are going down and don't hurt anymore, and I think that they will be gone by Friday...I hope.

and my cold while still there is not as bad now ,
How dare these things try to invade my body. I'll show em

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm glad your hands and feet are getting better. I love you.