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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Out of the old house and in to the new one

Well I am now sat on the same old sofa but in a new place.
Me and my mother have moved just a short distance away from the old place.
my mother has osteoarthritis and so stairs were becoming a challenge for her.
In the old house there were lots of stairs and she was in some pain having to clime and descend them every day.

The new place has no stairs anywhere so it is so much easier for her to get around.

just a week ago I was in the old place and getting ready to move, on the day of moving it was very strange seeing the house slowly empty as the removal men took the stuff. eventually the house was completely empty.

There was a echo that only comes with a empty house. with no carpets and no furniture I guess there is nothing to absorb the sounds, just the hollow of the house.

all that was left in the old house was me and a towel and soap and shampoo, I had work so I took my last shower there and got dressed put the towel in my bag and took one last walk around the place turning off all the lights and making sure any electric plugs were turned off.

Does it sound strange that when I left I turned and looked in to the house and said "thank you"?

I left the house and locked the door and left for work. I rode my bike to work and when I had finished work cycled to the new place. It felt so very strange riding a different way and when I got to the new place it just felt odd, the place was very cold.

Aparently a house needs to be warmed through for a good few hours before it can hold heat. so the first night was very cold and I had no bed, just a old American army camp bed that my mothers ex husband had won while he was in the army. and it has canvas as the main part which is impossible to keep warm on and for most of last week I had to make do with that until the new bed came today so I am looking forward to my first comfortable and warm nights sleep in a week.

Next time I move it will be to go live with my beautiful Jenn, that day is coming soon and i will keep you all posted on how that goes.

I am so looking forward to march when I see my Jenn again, just 34 days to go.

Thanks for reading

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm sure it will be a good house for you. I love you.