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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Always scary when it happens

Today was kind of a scary day, I was sat at home and just looking through my stuff on my computer, I love to look at storms and tornadoes, earth quakes and stuff like that. I know it sounds gloomy but I just find it interesting. I had my computer plugged in because the battery is so old that if I was to unplug it the battery would last around 5 minutes and then die.

So I am on my computer and I just move in my seat and I notice the screen goes dark like when the power cord is disconnected I move again and the screen lights up, I don't think much about it and I carry on looking through stuff.

My mom asks me to get her a drink from the kitchen and when I get back I sit down and put the laptop on my knee. I notice that the screen has gone darker again. I try moving and for a second the screen goes back to light. I sit for a moment and the screen goes back to it's darker shade. My charger is having problems, I try moving the wire around the charger symbol flickers between charge and battery and then goes to the battery symbol.

My charger has died, This is not good, my computer is my main form of contact with my Jenn and my form of playing games while my mother watches TV. I wriggle the wire every which way but there is nothing. I begin to panic.

I remember that when I bought my Charger it came with a extra connector, but I got my charger about a year and a half ago and if it was anywhere it would be in the ruins that was my cupboard.
I needed to act fast, I had at most just 5 minutes.

I ran upstairs and looked through all my cupboard but couldn't find the piece I needed.
I came back down and sent Jenn a message telling her that my Charger was broken, I decided I would look in my clothing cupboard. I ran upstairs and Looked and sure enough there was the piece, I ran down stairs and after putting it on the wrong way at first and panicking I put it on the right way and my laptop was saved with only 7% power left in the battery.

so the disaster was averted.
Thank you for reading my post.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you had that other piece.