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Friday, 27 August 2010


I always have a dream when I am getting ready to go see my Jenn, some times a few weeks or a few month, I think that my mind is usually racing about things that I need to get done, for example book my train ticket or get a new bag or get my travel insurance.

the other day I was looking at train times trying to figure out which train to catch to get me to the airport in time for my flight or a few hours before, I must have spent nearly a hour trying to figure it out.

eventually I figured it all out and went to bed, and that night I had a dream.

The Dream.

My dream began where I was getting ready to leave to go be with my Jenn, but the clock said 10:20 pm and my train was due to leave in ten minutes and I hadn't even got dressed. I looked at the clock again and it said 11:30 pm and I hadn't even left the house or packed.
next thing I know I am outside the train station racing to the platform and even though I missed my train there is another one but not for a few hours.

I woke up and the first thing I wanted to do is check the train times again,
I know it' only a dream and in a way I am glad I have them because they keep me on my toes.

Thanks for reading my post


Jennifer said...

Everything will turn out fine. I love you.

Morgan said...

I think those dreams are a sign that you worry too much, Wayne! Everything will work out just fine. It always does, right? I think you're right. The dreams keep you on your toes and probably help to keep you from being late.