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Friday, 13 August 2010

North vs South Korea ain't half as bad as this.

For about two months now we have had my niece Natalie living at the house with me and my mother, Natalie is such a great person and me and her share a lot of the same sense of humour.
We both love Simpson's and Family guy and we can always talk about almost anything, she really is a great person and would do anything for anyone.

My Mother is one of the best people in the world and again we can talk about almost anything and although she may be set in some of her ways she is a truly great woman and we get along about as well as any mother and son can.

Now you think that these two would get along great and about 60 % of the time they do, however there is another side, a dark side the other 40% and this is the point where they argue about anything and everything that you could possibly think of, Any person who gets in the way should duck for cover, cigarettes are lit faster that a UN resolution can be written and even the cats cower behind the sofa.

Me and Natalie's boyfriend even look at each other with a sense of fear and dare not say anything or try to intervene through fear of retaliation attacks from both forces. We just sit and stay quiet with a look of understanding between us that for our sakes we must remain quiet and let the battle take its own course.

I have heard them at it and the shouting would make even the bravest man hesitate over going in the room that they are in while in a heated debate. I honestly think that they could some times kill each other, but at the end of the day they always sort out their differences and are best friends again before the argument has even ended.

I guess it goes to show that even though family may argue or may have a difference of opinion they can still love each other through thick and thin and no matter what.

I love you Mom and Natalie, please don't kill me for writing this.

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Jennifer said...

They sound pretty bad!