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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Back to normal

Today my niece Natalie and her baby Marcus both moved out and in to their very own place today.
They have been her more or less since I got back from seeing my beautiful Jenn in July.
So for almost three months and even longer for my mother, we have been sharing the house with Natalie and Marcus and for a while a few months back Natalie's boy friend.

She moved out just a little while ago, in fact about 40 minutes before I started to write this post, The first thing that I mainly notice is just how quiet the house has become. the cats have ventured back in to the living room and all the clutter and clothing that is Natalie and baby Marcus stuff has gone. it all seems so very quiet now.

I must admit that I will miss them, Baby Marcus is such a little character and is always looking for some way to get in to mischief, and Natalie is such a sweet person and has a heart of gold and even though she could be a pain at times I will miss her too.

Natalie seemed so excited to be moving out and while I am happy for her, I am her uncle and can't help but worry a little for her and Marcus, I think it's normal to worry in such a way though, it's kind of a will they be ok and do they have everything they need worry.

But as for the house here, it's finally back to it's normal self or the way it was before I last went to see my Jenn. and in just 24 days now I will be going back to be with my beautiful Jenn and for that I can hardly wait.

it's amazing how some times things will come along to keep you occupied while you are waiting for something to happen.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I am glad for you and your mother that you won't be so crowded anymore. I hope everything works out well for Natalie and little Marcus.