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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Just hours away

It's now 6:08 pm and in just a few hours I'll be setting off to be with my beautiful Jenn.
I am just taking a few minutes to relax before I get ready and pack a few last things.
I always get a little nervous at this point. my mind is constantly racing.

I am always thinking , Did I pack that or do I have this and where is that.
I know that I will be in this state of mind until I land in Atlanta but also I at the same time I am so excited, this is what I work hard for and What it's all about.
been with my Jenn.

I have to stay over night in the airport and then a 9 hour flight before I get to her but it is all well worth it, I will be writing in as much detail as possible about what me and my Jenn do each day, not only for any of you who read this but for my self, so I can look back on it with fond memory.

almost like a journal, in fact I think that is what I will call it. Wayne and Jenn's journal, and the day that we are on.

Well I am gonna go and get dressed and book the taxi to take me to the train station. I will probably write another post from the airport, I Will be there for around 12 hours so it will give me something to do.

Thank you for reading this

1 comment:

The High Family said...

safe travels Wayne! so happy that you will be with your beautiful Jenn once again...have FUN! :)