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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Band of brothers

I'm not sure if anyone has ever seen band of brothers, but I am currently watching it for the forth time, I watch it every year and I love it.

The series follows a company of men called Easy company, they were part of the airborne in world war 2. it shows the horrors that the once young men faced every day in world war 2 and follows them from basic training through Dday and right up the end of world war 2.

but this isn't so much of a action guns blazing kind of show, it follows Easy company and really gets you involved in the lives of all the soldiers and when they suffered a loss I found my self feeling sorry for them when it was funny I laughed and when it was sad, I did get a lump in my throat.

At the beggining of each show the actual men from Easy company talk about their experences
They are all old men and you can see that most of them have trouble talking about it and I do feel sad for them especially when they start to cry. they really have been through hell.

They series really does show how strangers become friends and through the pain and suffering of the war learn to depend on each other and become as close as family, they become a band of brothers.

I really do think that it is so important to remember just what the men of the world wars gave up so that I can sit here in comfort and enjoy my freedom and Band of brothers gives me a look in to just what they sacrificed to let me have the simple joys that I experience today.

I often think about how brave they were and how scary it must have been for them.
They were all so brave. and not one of them wanted to be there I don't think, but soldiers don't start wars politics and politicians start wars.

Watch band of brothers, it's amaizing

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Jennifer said...

It sounds like a great show and I'm glad you've found one you like.