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Monday, 2 November 2009

days one and two with Jenn

I'm here!!

I am now in the USA with My Jenn and I am so very happy.
firstly let me begin by saying I had the flight from hell, I have never sat right at the back of a plane before but I did this time and the turbulence was so bad at one point the plane shook so bad it threw me in to the guy sat next to me and he head butted the window.

I got to Atlanta in one peace and got through customs and I picked up my new bright red bag.
and there was my Beautiful Jenn. I threw my arms around her I was so happy. I have missed her so bad, and now that I am with her everything is perfect.

We got a ride from Jenn's friend Claire and then me and Jenn went to the piazza restaurant, I had spaghetti and Jenn had pizza. after we went and booked in to the motel.
after getting my clothing packed away we went and met Jenn's room mates. we talked for a while and also watched a movie. by the end of the movie I could feel my self drifting away in to dream world.I made it back to the motel and I cant really remember anything els .

I woke up the next morning and My jaw hurt so bad my shoulders were hurting in fact most of my body was hurting. I had jet lag. and today was Jenn's birthday . We went to church and for the first time I met mine and Jenn's good friend Morgan and she is a great person. she took lots of pictures of me and Jenn.

after we all went to Church and met even more people. I will be baptising Jenn next week and the church I went to today is the same church where I will be baptising her. I am really excited about that. after church we went back to Morgans house and had a wonderful meal with Morgans parents . they are such a great family and I am blessed to know them.

so that pretty much brings us up to speed and at the moment i am sat watching some American for me life doesn't get any better. I am with the woman that I love and I am the happiest man alive


Morgan said...

I'm so happy that you're here, Wayne. And I'm happy that you're having such a great time with Jennifer, and I'm SO happy that I finally got to meet you. You're just as wonderful in person. Keep on enjoying your time with Jennifer. I know that you will!

Jennifer said...

Those were both such fun days. You made my birthday so perfect.