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Sunday, 8 November 2009

A special day

Today is such a very special day.

Today is the day that I baptize Jenn in to the Latter day saints. I am kind of nervous but I am sure that every thing will go smooth.

over the last few days me and Jenn have been having so much fun, I have bought her a beautiful ring that she loves. We have had dinner at the Blake's house which was soooo nice. I think that this is my heaven it really is perfect.

We went to the movies and we saw couples retreat which was very funny and we had popcorn and we had five guys , not at the same time but the two meals in the same day don't mix very well. Later that night we watched sex and the city and we both felt sick from the popcorn and five guys.

We wen to the Blake's again and we had brunch and it was delicious. and then we took Morgan and her room mate to five guys and I had my very first American hot dog yummi!!!

and so now we are up to speed.

I will write a blog later on to let you all know how the baptism went.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

We really should never eat a big meal before a movie again if we're planning to get popcorn. Bad idea!