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Monday, 15 March 2010

More pictures of us

Here are some more pictures of when I went over to see my beautiful Jenn on valentines day.
I stayed for about two weeks and loved every second that I spent with my Jenn and I can't wait to go back and be with her again soon.
This first picture was taken by our great friend Morgan she She helped me plan the surprise. The picture was taken seconds after I had jumped out from behind the tree.
The second picture is of my beautiful Jenn with the roses I bought her for valentines day

Here is me messing with my new camera that My Jenn had picked out for me. I am one for gadgets and electrical stuff so I love computers cameras I pods things like that .
Her in this 4th picture is me and my Beautiful Jenn, I took this one with my new camera too.

This final picture was taken again by Morgan, I love this picture.

I will post more pictures of mine and Jenn's adventures soon.
Thank you to all who read my blogs,


Jennifer said...

I love all the pictures of us. Thanks for posting these. Love you!

-stephanie- said...

I love that last picture too. The surprise looks like you pulled it off just great!

Jillien said...

The last picture is my favorite too!!!!! Y'all are too cute.


Morgan said...

I'm so happy that you like the pictures that I took. I LOVE the ones that you took! You two are so perfect together. I can't even imagine there being a bad picture of Wayne and Jennifer. That would be impossible! I can't wait to see the rest.