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Friday, 12 March 2010

No God would want that!!

I was just watching the news and there has been yet another suicide bombing,
in Iraq somewhere , I can't believe these people, I think they are pure evil, they say they do this in the name of god or a holy jihad.
God is a life loving merciful god not a person who would want man to turn against man.

These people who do this in the name of god can not be of god, where in the bible did it ever say that you should wage war on your fellow man? doesn't it say in every language thou shall not kill? isn't that one of the ten commandments.

this blog is not ment to offend any body but if you kill in the name of god by running in as bigger crowd as you can find and killing them with a bomb then I am sorry but you are not of god but the devil only he would find joy and praise in such a thing.

God loves life


Morgan said...

I agree with you, Wayne. I believe that people need to be very careful about how they use God's name. If you say that you're honoring someone's name, I'd assume that you'd share similar beliefs and try to follow their example. I'm led to wonder how much these people know about God. God loves. How could they possibly have killed all of those people out of love? I just don't understand.

The High Family said...


Jennifer said...

I don't get it, either. I think they must have a VERY different idea of WHO God is.