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Monday, 22 March 2010

small cat diary

What's wrong with Polly?

Polly has been acting very strange over the past few weeks, I have no idea what she is up to but I have a feeling there is mischief behind it somewhere.

it all started about Thursday night. I went to bed and said goodnight too all the cats, and I settled down in bed and I could feel my eyes getting heavy, all of a sudden I heard a very quiet but distinctive meow! and then getting louder meow and every couple of seconds another MEOW!!!!.
and it carried on and on, after twenty minutes of none stop MEOW MEOW I got up and went to my bedroom door and opened it, at this point Polly turned and ran for it. she disappeared down the stairs I could hear the pitter patter of her paws running through the house. I shut my door and went back to bed.

Not ten minutes had passed and again I heard the dreaded meow again, Meow Meow MEOW!!!!
I jumped out of my bed and ran to the bedroom door and pulled it open to see Polly turn and run again with her tail in the air, I followed her down stairs and watched her run in to the living room and out of view.

this has happened over the last few night's. Not every night but at least three out of seven nights, what could she possibly be up to? any suggestions?


-stephanie- said...

My cat meows very loud when it's time to eat. I can't leave a dish of food out for her at all times, because it would be gone in a second. Her little clock in her stomach lets me know. She meows too, when she wants to go outside. Like right now! I'll let her out and when she realizes that it's only 45 degrees out, she'll shut her mouth.

Jennifer said...

Cats are such funny little creatures!