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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My trip to see my Jenn june 2011

Hey every body who reads this and follows mine and Jenn's story.
Well I am back with my Beautiful Jenn and very happy.

the journey to get here was ok but for the first time ever my flight was delayed by two hours, the plane was there but they were waiting on some parts to arrive.

I was soon on my way and had a fairly good flight with little turbulence and one of the best landings
I have experienced so far .
I got to Atlanta and I met my Jenn, I was so happy to see her. even though the schedule was behind by two hours we managed to catch up and have fun. Today was a Early start and me and Jenn had always been though Atlanta but had never gone in to Atlanta so today we took the chance to take a look around.
Jenn took me to the Lenox Mall and we had a look around, There are few malls in England the size of that one as far as I know.

For the first time ever I had guacamole and When I first was it I was a little worried that I may not like it but, I loved it. Just goes to show that You can't always judge on looks.

I still feel a little jet lagged but I'm sure that I will be better by tomorrow , Me and Jenn have some plans for tomorrow , we hope to go tubing on the river and also go to the petting zoo.

I will be sure to take as many pictures as I can for you all to see


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry that I was so late! I love you.

The High Family said...

Welcome Back Wayne! Hope you have a great time with your love. :)