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Thursday, 16 June 2011

What me and Jenn did today.

First let me apologies but I didn't manage to get any pictures today, because most of the day was spent in water and I don't have a water proof camera.

Today Me and Jenn went Tubing on the river together in Dahlonega, With the weather been so hot it seemed like the perfect thing to do and this time I managed to keep my head above water, the stream was nice and slow and the only danger involved was getting dive bombed by a dragon fly that was circling us.

After going round the stream twice we decided we would go to a pool just a little further up the road and take a swim, we swam for about twenty minutes and even had a race across the pool, I only just won Jenn, she can swim fast but I don't think either one of us will be appearing in the Olympics any time soon.

later on we went to the movies and watched Judy Moody, it was a cool movie and we had fun watching it and I Absolutely love the Icy's that they have there especially the cherry flavor one yummy.

Tomorrow we plan to go a new restaurant , also we are gonna go gold mining in Dahlonega, I have never tried that before but it sounds very interesting, I hope they let you keep the gold you find, I could be rich by this time tomorrow.

I promise there will be lots of pictures for you to see, thank you for all of you who follow mine and Jenn's story. I was just thinking today that it has been four years since me and Jenn first started going out and I have loved every second and it will get better and better, so keep reading.

Thank you for reading our story

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

This was a really fun day! Too bad we swallowed some pool water lol. I love you.