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Friday, 24 June 2011

Things we have done.

Me and Jenn have had a busy few days having fun. We went to a place called Lake Lanier some where in Buford. Now they said that there could have been storms on the way but me and Jenn risked it anyways. We got there and it was all nice and sunny , we managed to get on two water shoots on a double inflatable dingy thing.

We got to walk along the beach together, it was the first time my feet hand stepped on to a beach in nearly 16 years. To step on to a beach with Jenn made it perfect. we went through a fun house together and around every corner in the fun house we got soaked with water.
We got to the top and there was a water shoot heading to a spiral shoot at the bottom, I wanted to give it a try. Jenn waited for me and I got right to the front of the line and the lady said that she had to close the ride due to the weather.

By this time a storm had developed behind us and there was thunder and lightning, so lightning plus water add people don't equal anything good. Me and Jenn headed for the entrance , along the way we heard that they were going to close the park. We had only been there for twenty minutes and had paid nearly thirty dollars each to get in. They told us that they were going to give refunds to people who had day passes.

We go to the entrance and wait, apparently they had to wait a while to see if the storm passed but I didn't think they would keep us waiting a hour and a half in the thunder storm. people were starting to get annoyed and when they asked all they were getting told is that they were gonna do another weather check soon. so after a long wait a lady came round and handed out a free one day admission for all the people who had a day pass.

I can't say I was overly happy about it because I would have preferred my money back, but they said that they don't give refunds.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures there because its all water slides and shoots and my camera doesn't like water.

I have also been helping Jenn move out of her college apartment. She graduated in so she doesn't go to collage anymore but they give people extra time to move there stuff out.

Thanks for reading

1 comment:

Bridget said...

My sister lives in GA and her family gets a season pass to Lake Lanier every year. I've gone a couple of times and it is awesome!

Glad you guys are having a great time together!