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Thursday, 16 June 2011

We went goldmining

Today me and Jenn decided we would try our hand at gold mining, Well not in the literal sense if the word, but we took a tour of one of the gold mines in Dahlonega, this one was the biggest mine of it's time east of the Mississippi river and there was still gold in there to be found. but we couldn't just go digging in the mines, apparently you needed special permission to be able to do that.

To start the day off me and Jenn went to a restaurant and had a wonderful meal, I had a steak sandwich, usually I'm not one for steak but this was really nice. Jenn had Chicken pot pie and I had to have a taste of that too, just to see how it tasted and that was nice too.
Now at some point in a meal there comes a time when you miss your mouth and a small portion of the food misses and lands on your top, I don't care who you are I bet it has happened to you too. some of the sauce from the sandwich had leaked out the other end and had dripped on to my top, and it was only a small drop no bigger than the size of a pin head, Jenn sees this and gets a napkin dips it in the water and begins to rub the napkin on my top to remove the stain.

I look down expecting to see the small stain gone and it was, but now in it's place was a huge damp spot on my top and Jenn is giggling at me. it looks like I dribbled the entire sandwich down my top.

we got to the gold mine and we purchased a spot on the orange tour group and we were given two silver coins one for me and one for Jenn. The coins would be used later to pay for the gold plates.

We went on the tour guided by a man who told us all the details about how the mines were made and how the gold was found, I was looking around for gold that may have been left behind , but there was none apart from the super small grain of flower size pieces that were stuck in the mountain walls.

The cave system went down to 200 feet at some points , the tour guide turned of the lights to show us how dark it would have been and I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face, he told about how when they would set of dynamite it would some times knock out the lights down there and so some times for hours the miners would have to sit in the darkness.

We got out of the mines and as we got closer to the surface we could feel the heat of the outside hit us. Deep down in the caves it was cool and actually quite nice. but we couldn't stay down there all day.

We got back to the surface and we handed over our silver coins and they gave us a plate each full of sand and mud, we had to use water to wash away the sand and mud to find any gold. after nearly 20 minutes , we both found gold but not even a ounce, in fact not even a quarter of a ounce, so it makes you appreciate just how long you would have to be at it to find and amount of gold that would be worth any real money.

We both had a lot of fun and learned something new at the same time

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad you had fun! I love you.