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Monday, 27 June 2011

Our last few days

I am now back in England, I have been here for 11 hours and I have only just finished putting everything away, but I have been missing my Jenn since the second I last saw her.
The two weeks we spent together were amazing and every day was wonderful.

So what did we get up to over the last few days??
Well I will tell you.

We had to go to our favorite restaurant in the world the Kani house, I have never tasted egg fried rice so good in my life and they serve portions that are guaranteed to make you full.

We also went back to the gold mining place and gave the panning another go. while we was there we was also looking for something to buy, and we found it. a necklace for Jennifer, and it was her birth stone and mine combined in one amethyst and citrine. we both felt like fate led us to find it and it will be a reminder of the time in June that we spent in Dahlonega
We also tired a restaurant near Dahlonega and I had a cheese Philly steak sandwich and it was really good.

another first for me was having boiled peanuts. along a road just outside of Daholnega there is a old man who sells them, he is a sweet old man and for just 4 dollars you will get a bag full of hot boiled peanuts and they are really good. if ever you are around Dahlonega seek him out and try his boiled peanuts.

on Sunday I had to go back to England but we had a few hours before I had to be at the airport so we made the most of every minute. we visited the square and ate at the piazza, I had spaghetti and Jenn had pizza .

Eventually we had to go to the airport and I had to leave for England. I really hate having to be away from my Jenn but I know we will be back together soon.

We also saw a few movies while we was there, on Saturday we mainly walked around the square in Dahlonega


Jillien said...

sounds like y'all had an amazing weekend.

-stephanie- said...

I'm always sad for you when you two have to be apart. The necklace is beautiful. Glad you had a nice time here in the states.

Jennifer said...

I really loved everything we did together. I love you!