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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Men and power

I just thought I would write this blog I guess because with the presedential election coming up It would be kind of fun to explore what men do with power when they havee it and the promises they make to get it.

I guess the whole men and there need of power thing probably started as far back as the dinosaurs when it wasn't so much about power just a need to get the one thing that was the most valuable to them wich im guessing was fire kind of a me man me make fire uga buga kinda thing and the first one to make fire was the one the rest would follow or they would burn the entire vilige down trying and make a complete ass of themselves. dosn't sound to different from today.

then there was the knights in shining armour thing going on and I think that may have been the bigger your sword the heavier the swing the more kills the more feared they were and then there would be the little squire with his dagger that would come along kill the big bad man and be the hero of the day and everyone would love him untile they relise he was really no better than the knight he just killed taking the armour of the body putting it on himself picking up the big sword and carrying on where the other guy had left off. but none the less these men would lead there armys in to battle not sit behind pointing there finger and watching from far away so I guess they where brave but foolish in most cases and all they thaught about was expanding there kingdoms.

So next I guess comes the victorian age now by this time it all became about blood in england I don't mean like blood from a cut but more like keeping the same bloodline in the royal family so to ensure this would happen it was a case of aunts marrying nephews brothers marrying sisters and all that kinda thing Just so they wouldn't lose power and a king would only want son's to ensure that his blood line was to rule for aslong as possible and I belive the entire issue started with Henry the 8th who as far as I know had seven wives and six of them didn't have a son and infact it was elizabeth the first his daughter that took the throne after him. so his greed for power got him no where in the end and as it turns out elizabeth was among one of the best rulers of england ever.

and then there was george w bush a man who loves the power he has but im not so sure if he has always used it wisley and I think that the get the america out of debt thing is just a ploy to keep him in power for longer than he should be.

So there are some prime examples of men in power maybe it would be a good idea not to give all the power to one indavidual but to many two heads are better than one and surley more people would reach a better descission than just one person I always said that if it was like the old days where a king or queen lead there men in to battle then there wouldn't be any wars or battles today

The leaders of today use there power to send thousands of men and wemon in to a warzone and sometimes to there deaths while they sit behind a desk and watch from afar maybe if there where no leaders then people on there own terms and in there thousands would make a better and longer lasting peace than any one man or woman could. and I do truly belive that a great leader regardless of wether they where man or woman would always find a way not to fight a war but to end a war a great leader will bring piece to his or her people and to the world a great leader will unite the world as one for the good of all

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