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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Myths and legends true or false ?

This week Im going to look in to the legend of Dracula.

Dracula Is probably as well know as santa clause around the world and the legend has been alive for centuries but this is a look at what is true and false in my opinion based upon my reserch through the internet and genaral knowlege so lets get started.

The name Dracula is actualy the surname of Prince vlad the 3rd also known as the impaler who was born in Sighisoara, Transylvania in 1431 and died in 1476 at the age of 42. second son of vlad the 2nd Dracula and Cneajna of Moldavia his family lived in exile in Transylvania because his father had been ousted by pro-Ottoman boyars. before that his father had lived in Nuremburg.

So there is the stroy of the man so where did the legend of the vampire all begin. Well the charicter of count Dracula is actually taken from a book written in 1897 by the writer Bram stoker who refers to Dracula as a monster who Lives in a castle and drinks the blood of his victims and turns in to a bat has no relfection and never dies of old age.

But Dosn't that make vlad inocent of all the rumours and storys of horror I mean Bram stoker took some poor guys name and turned him In to a monster right?....WRONG!!!!.

Vlad the impaler got his name the impaler because of he cruel torture he would inflict on his enemies. He impaled thousands of people on spears and even drank the blood of his enemies
So while this man may not have been the monster that superstion diplicts he was this man was far worse he was a true monster a man who killed thousands and whos legend im sure will live on for centuries to come.

So the legend of dracula been a vampire and flying around and living forever Is busted he was just a evil man who's name has been used to entertain people.

If you have any points of view on my Myth busting then please leave a comment.

Next weeks myth is the Myth of the zombie

On thursday a spectial on the legend of how thanks giving all started.

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