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Monday, 10 November 2008

A quote to remember by Winston Churchil

Winston Chirchil was the prime minitster of England and is still regarded even today as one of Englands best ever prime ministers. It was Winston churchil and his band of spitfire squadrons that halted the German invasion attempts and air raids over england.

one of the most famous quotes by Sir Churchil and the one I'm gonna write about is one he said when things looked at there worst for England and most of Europe and the quote isn't very long but It has so much meaning behind it not just for me but I'm sure for every one who reads it is

"If your going through Hell.... Keep going!".

This quote means to me that sometimes in life not everything goes as planned and things may seem to be going wrong or you may be down on your luck and it only seems to be getting worse
but hang on keep going there is light at the end of the tunnel there is a better day keep hope in your heart and never give up you can make it hold on to your dreams because if you truly belive then it can happen it will get better your dreams will come true never give up

please leave a comment as to what this quote means to you


Jenn said...

i love this quote and it can definitely apply to everyone at some point in their life. i think you've got it right about what it means. when it seems like there is no where to go but down, just keep going, and things will certainly turn up better in the end.

Morgan said...

I really love the quote, but I honestly think that I love your response even more. You gave it even more meaning. I really don't think that I can respond with anything more than what you said. I think you hit the nail right on the head. Thanks so much for this! It really gives me something to think about.