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Saturday, 6 June 2009

A man's point of view

Welcome to my point of view for today.

I think that today I will talk about my point of view on how the politicians have been messing up in England by spending the tax money of hard working people on the most ridicules things you can imagine. and they call it claiming for there expenses.

To me claiming expenses would be if my job dictated I had to go work at another store for the day, I would claim the bus fair, The politicians are claiming for things like having there second home and claiming the money for paying for the garden done.

One claimed expenses for a house that he had another m,p stopping at and the m,p who was stopping at the house was claiming the rent back through expenses.
Wonna hear another one?
OK one member of Parliament claimed the expenses for a moat to be dug out and cleaned in his garden.

Now they wasn't just claiming a few pounds back. They where claiming thousands.
The guy who had his moat done was claiming about 17000 pounds, the actual cost of the job was about 700 at most.

They have been claiming thousands of pounds for jobs or expenses that have been costing them just a few hundred pounds.

We elect these people to lead the country , we should be able to trust them .
They are stealing from us. we pay our taxes and we believe that they are using our tax money to pay for the services we use like hospital or fire and police. not to let the politicians have a spending spree. and one of them even claimed ten pounds back for two porno dvds

If a regular Joe did that they would be sent to prison for stealing. they would lose there job and reputation. the politicians do it and they get away with been able to stand down. admitted some did pay the money back. but they should never have done that in the first place.

kinda makes me wonder if our country is been lead buy a bunch of thief's
my mother also agrees

well thats my point of view for this week.


-stephanie- said...

It is a shame, and it's going on in the USA too.

Jennifer said...

It made me laugh how you ended it by saying your mother agrees, as if that makes the whole thing more valid :) I do think it's awful how people take advantage of positions of power, but I don't think it will ever change. Unfortunately, it will probably just get worse right up until judgment day.

Jillien said...

hell, when my mother agrees to something... it makes the decision/opinion/etc absolutely final. lol I suppose its that way with all mothers. BUT i totally agree with your post!

Here in the US, one politician sold his home for ONE DOLLAR to his wife to avoid paying taxes on the estate that he owed.

Its very sad.

My mom also agrees :)