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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wayne;s severe storm watch

This is I guess my way of trying to help people.
For years I have always been interested in bad weather such as Hurricanes and tornadoes.

Now I know the last thing anyone would want to do in the middle of a tornado is switch on their computer and read about it when it's about to blow over their houses.

This is more of a advanced warning kind of thing and mainly for hurricane or potential tornado's.

I'm not really expecting anyone to read this but however I will be posting my Wayne's severe storm watch whenever there is a hurricane or a really bad storm on the way.

Ok so here goes.

At the moment I have been tracking a weather system that is slowly moving north east just below the Mexican gulf and is gathering strength it is not yet organized enough to become a hurricane but is showing the potential to become one I will keep you all posted


Jennifer said...

I love you. In case you forgot :)

Alex the Girl said...

That's cool, I live on the gulf coast and oftentimes don't even know when we have a disturbance heading our way until it's time to pack up for an evacuation. I am news lacking when it comes to local. Good thing I follow your blog!

Jillien said...

Thank you for the heads up :)