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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tell a joke Tuesday

Tell a joke Tuesday

Welcome to TELL A JOKE TUESDAY were you can tell your jokes or funny stories and make the world laugh.
Quick note= until further notice please leave your link in you comment thank you.

Here's my jokes and funny stuff for this week.

Ireland has suffered it's worst air disaster in history when a two seater light aircraft crashed in to a local cemetery.
Emergency crews have recovered 874 body's and digging is expected to carry on through the night.

Why did batman go looking for worms?
To feed Robin.

whats a cannibals favorite party game?
Swallow my leader.

Well there are my jokes for this week.
Please feel free to take part in tell a joke tuesday


Jennifer said...

Very funny jokes baby I love you so much.

Alex the Girl said...

Those were great, Wayne. Especially the first one.

Jillien said...

lol! loved the first one :)