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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Such a odd dream

I had a rather odd dream last night and I have been trying to keep it fresh in my memory all day so I could write about it.

the dream started, I was out side a very large building and I had a blue suit on almost like a combat suit that they wear in the army except it was blue. I was armed with a hand gun, I was part of a team of 4 men each one dressed the same as me and with the same weapons.

We was all stood at the back of a small van and were preparing to enter the building. I didn't know what was in the building but for some reason it had been evacuated. There was something in the building that had killed people and was now roaming in the halls and corridors. No one knew what the thing was or exactly where it was in the building.

My Team was ready to go in. we ran to the entrance of the building.
The building it's self was a light blue colour and had about 18 floors each floor had a long corridor that was at least 100 yards long and about 8 doors on each side of every corridor.
The floors were very shiny and well kept. the walls were white.

for some reason I believe that the building in my dream was a hospital.
Near the entrance there was some steps the lead up the front of the building. I knelt at the bottom of the stairs and waived my team to head up while I kept look out till they got in front.
The three men who was in my team I had never met before. they went ahead and the last man said to me "Guarding the rear eh?" with a smile on his face. I turned and followed the men up the stairs I holstered my gun.

Next thing I know I am on one of the corridors. the rest of the team are just a few steps behind me we are trying to be quiet, we are looking for the thing that was roaming one of the corridors.
There is no sign of the thing that had killed the people and sent everyone running.

Suddenly there was a noise and I turned quick grabbing my gun from the holster and taking aim looking towards the far end of the dark corridor. There was a shape in the distance, it was a cleaning machine with a man on it. I turned and looked at my side and there was a open door.
There was a old robot laid in a bed in a room, it was not working.

I decided I would break away from the team and head down to the next floor, I opened a door that lead to a stairway that headed down to the next floor. There was no light apart from the light coming in through the windows. as I got a Little way down the stairs I could hear a banging sound, almost like footsteps but a lot heavier.

I got to the door that lead to the corridor I was to explore. I could hear something walking around on the corridor on the other side of the door. I opened the door and walked on to the floor. I could not see anything moving around on the corridor. I knew that what ever it was was on this floor, I put my gun in front of me looking down the sights and letting my gun lead the way.

there was the usual 8 doors on each side of the corridor and I could hear this thing walking around, it's feet making a banging sound and a scraping sound each time it took a stride.
One of the doors at the other end of the corridor flew open and I saw what it was that had done the killings. It was a robot about 8 foot tall, it was very big and appeared to be very strong.

I yelled out to my team but there was no answer, the robot heard me and started to head in my direction I pointed my gun at it and shouted "Stop or I will shoot" it just carried on walking towards me, I was a little scared. I shouted "STOP NOW!" it just carried on I opened fire I must have fired 8 or 9 shots that didn't appear to do any damage, I reloaded my gun and opened fire again now slowly walking backwards as I was firing at this thing, I thought to my self. Wait a minute I am not going to back down from this thing.

I stood my ground and kept firing and the bullets were starting to hurt it. I was bringing it down

Then I woke up.

what a odd dream.


Gina said...

Wow, that IS an odd dream. It's amazing that you were able to remember that much. Incredible.

Jennifer said...

That is a really weird dream. You always have the strangest dreams! Love you :)