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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What a day!

Well I say what a day or should I say couple of days I have had.

First let me apologise for not doing my tell a joke Tuesday, the reasons follow

I guess there is always some one worse off than me and really it's not been to bad but I guess it just seems like I have had a few days of not so good luck, let me explain why.

it all started yesterday well almost three days ago now, I was sat quite happy on my laptop playing on my game and waiting for my Jenn. Mom was walking around the room. Next thing I know the laptop nearly falls off my lap. I look around to see what the cause was, My mother had walked across the room and had tripped on the charger wire for my laptop which in turn yanked the computer.

I checked to make sure she was ok, she said she was fine and went and sat down in her chair.
I suddenly notice that the part of my charger lead that connects to the laptop was bent I took it out of my laptop to see if all was ok. I tried to straighten it and I felt something snap. straight away I knew something wasn't right. I plugged it back in to my computer , nothing hap pend. the screen didn't brighten and the battery indicator was showing that there was no charger plugged in.

My laptop was losing power, I tried wiggling the plug, still nothing. I was in a panic I took the charger plug out of my laptop and looked again. I have one of those chargers with the detachable ends, a Universal charger. I took the end of and to my horror the prongs inside had snapped.

I was so devastated, there was only 40% power left at this point. I sent a message to Jenn explaining what had happened. Then I decided I would turn of my laptop to save the last bit of power. unfortunately it seems that it took a good 15% of the power to shut down, there wasn't enough power to restart.

I tried to find another charger, I called my sister she had one but it didn't fit,
I tried the neighbours, still no luck I was out of options.

The next day = Tuesday, I had a idea. There was a electrical store about 3 miles from where I live, so I decided I would take a walk down there,
what happened the minute I walked out the door?
it started to rain and it didn't stop the entire time I was out there.

The weather reports had been predicting thunderstorms all week, but there was no thunder, just rain rain rain. By the time I had got to the store I was soaked. I got the piece that I needed fore the charger and headed back in to the rain and to the house.

I got back and dried off. I put the piece on my charger, which didn't fit to well. I plugged it in and !
Nothing . I had put the end of the charger on the wrong way. I turned it the right way and plugged it in. there it was, the little blue light that indicated my laptop was charging. I took it down stairs and turned on my computer.

Everything started up fine, that is apart from the Internet. I couldn't believe it. the bad weather had interrupted the Internet. I had to wait for the bad weather to pass before it seemed to start working right. about twenty minutes ago.

What a few days of bad luck. hopefully everything will be ok now.


Jennifer said...

Don't let a couple days of bad luck throw you off, baby. God will provide for us, and things will get better soon!

Jillien said...

Oh my! Its so predictable... Having a horrible day? Lets now make it rain on you!

I'm glad that passed. Good to have you back online :)

Jennifer said...

You are lucky it was the charger. My husband's laptop was broken inside the computer, so when he'd plug in the charger, it wouldn't do anything. That was definitely more difficult to fix!

Hope you get some sunshine soon!