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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sassy 1993 - 2009

Sassy was My beautiful Jenn's cat

Sassy first came along in to the family when Jenn was just 5 years old.
So I guess you could say that they grew up together.
As children and pets grow up together they is usually a bond that forms between the two, this was the same with my Jenn and Sassy.

Sassy fast became a loved member of the family
Jenn has often told me story's about her.

Sassy would fall asleep at the bottom end of Jenn's bed
and in the mornings would wake Jenn up by licking Jenn on the face.

Sassy was also a proper lady in the world of cats
she would always sit up prim and proper.

and she had a little white spot on her chest and it was almost like she had a pendent on.

up until recently Sassy was a active cat , but she became very I'll
every day activates were becoming a challenge for her,
but Sassy been the cat she was persevered with her illness.

however Sadly it became to much for poor Sassy and she had to be put to sleep yesterday.

So this is for Sassy

We will never forget you

We love you Sassy


Morgan said...

Wayne, this is such a wonderful tribute to Sassy.

Alex the Girl said...

How sweet. Poor Jenn, it's terrible to lose a family pet. Wonderful tribute, Wayne

-stephanie- said...

This was a very loving gesture of you, Wayne. Losing a pet is a hard thing. No doubt, Sassy will be missed.

Jennifer said...

Thank you.