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Thursday, 27 May 2010

One to think about

My mother told me this story just the other day and I really liked it, I won't tell you what I said when she asked me what I thought it meant but I will just let you decide for your self,

So here is the story.

A man who was a multi million air decided he would go fishing.
He goes out and buys all the latest and most expensive fishing equipment, he finds a pond near his multi million dollar mansion and he begins to fish.

He notices a young boy fishing just nearby with just a small stick from a tree with a wire attached to the end.

The man goes to the boy and asks " Why aren't you at school?"
The young boy replies " Why should I go to school?"
man replies " so you can get a really good job and get lots of money when you grow up"
The Boy then asks " Well why would I need lots of money?"
the man then looks at him and says " so you can buy really nice things and so you can go fishing"
The boy looks at the man and says " But I am fishing".

and that is the story, I'm not really sure why she told it to me but it made perfect sense, and gave me a good perspective on things.
I hope you like that little story.


Jennifer said...

That does make you think.

Jennifer said...

That does make you think. I love you.