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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I got so close

Ok I must now admit that I have a obsession with squirrels, I just think are so cool,
So when I see them I take pictures, I just can't help it.
I was on my way to work and there are a couple of squirrels I see almost every time, and today I saw them again, and I think they remember me and every time I see them I crouch down and see how close they get. well today one of them got so close and I have pictures.

Here in this first picture is when I first saw them, I think they must have been looking for food.

In this second picture, I think that I had been spotted by them one of them started to head in my direction.

Ok in this third picture I have definitely been spotted and am now been approached by the squirrel, I was actually laughing at this point.

Ok now this little fellow is getting rather brave and is getting very close, he seems to be just as curious about me as I am about him.

In this last picture , he is right in front of me, he is looking straight at me and I could have put my hand out and stroked him but I didn't, there was a trust between us I didn't want to break.

a few seconds after the last picture he ran back to his friend and they disappeared up a tree.


-stephanie- said...

So cute! Bring some nuts next time. They'll be your friend forever.

Jennifer said...

They do seem very brave. Just be careful they don't bite you!