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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

How do I stop this?

I have this problem that seems to be getting worse, Well not so much me but Melissa. It seems there is a little rivalry between her and Daisy.

Every time Daisy See's Melissa she attacks Melissa...Well not every single time but most times, and I'm not so sure on how to stop her from doing this. All five cats were rescued when they were very young.

Daisy was found in a bush with enough fleas to Start their own little invasion force. Me and my mom spent about 4 hours and countless baby wipes and a nit come getting rid of the fleas, and still today we are trying to get her confidence up.

Melissa is one of two sisters that we rescued, she is very vocal and likes her own way but soon gets scared. out of the two Melissa has had the easy life.

I know that cats play fight all the time and that I don't really mind so much, but these attacks by Daisy are getting worse. Melissa is starting to become more timid and she often has new scratches or clumps of fur missing.

I am afraid that Daisy's attacks will turn Melissa in to a nervous wreck, So how do I stop it from happening? or more so what could be causing Daisy to act like this towards Melissa?

Any suggestions?

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Jennifer said...

I really wish I could help. Beaux is a big bully and will get in these weird moods where he'll just HAVE to attack SOMETHING. And when that happens in the house rather than outside, it's usually poor little Prissy or Maisy who get attacked. Fortunately he doesn't do it too often.