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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Just two months to go!

It only seems like five minutes ago since I set off to be with my beautiful Jenn on valentines day of this year, I remember every detail and it was perfect.

and now there is just two months to go until I am back there with her again and I can't wait, Even though the total time that I have been in England will be five months, it really has flown by.
I have been lucky in the way of hours at work and I am so thank full to my boss for getting me those hours he really is a great guy.

and so with my ticket booked I have been waiting and in the grand scheme of things the wait is almost over, Just 65 days are all that are left and I am counting the hours which at this moment stands at 1560. I am just so exited to be back with my Jenn again, she really is my life and I hate been away from her. I love my Jenn more than anything.

It is amazing just how much time does fly. When I first got back to England, Jenn seemed so far away, I think that those first few days are the hardest, at the time when all I have is the train ticket back to the city that I I live in and the memories of the happiest time of my life, I often just sit in the airport for a few minutes looking at the people who are checking in for their flights and wishing I was one of them, I often think that if I had the money I would get a ticket right there and then and jump on the next plane back to my Jenn. but I know that I can't. I catch the train and get back to the house in England, and its right there that is the hardest part, when I know that Jenn is the furthest away that is possible, but I use my sadness as my motivation, I use it to give me the strength to sit up think to my self, "Right I need to get back to my Jenn as soon as possible and this is what I need to do" and then I do it, every day.

and while I am doing my work every day, I kinda forget the course of time, days fly by and before I know it I am sat here writing this blog, that you are reading now.

so time really does fly when you are busy,
I know that these days that are left will fly by and I will soon be flying back to be with my beautiful Jenn again.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I can't wait until you're here. Not long now.