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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Who would I vote for

It is just now a few hours until the Elections here in England, and apparently it sits on a knifes edge as to who will win.

The runners are Labour, Conservative and some one els I can't even remember.
All these party's are now begging for peoples votes, they want to have their ideals put to practice in the country and who knows what will happen after they, all promise a better future to make Briton prosper and each one is saying what a bad idea it would be to choose the other.

What gets me about these parties is the false front they put up right when its time to choose,
One of them went to a school and played with the kids, another from a different party went to see the homeless, which all seems good. they seem like really nice people who want to do whats right, but I ask you now why don't they do this when it's not election time, why do they never take time out to go see sick children in hospital and can any one honestly name one party or leader in history who has kept every one of their promises that they make and say they will put in to force if they get picked.

What really amazes me is how all of them seem to say exactly what people want to hear. when the Iraq war was on what was they promising " We will bring our troops home!". and I ask them why are our troops still their if you promised they wouldn't be.
Another promise they all make is " We will lower taxes" and I would ask them why are taxes higher now that ever?

I honestly think that they are all looking to line their own pockets first.

So they wanted my vote I would have a few ultimatums of my own,
That they do all that they promise
that they do what's best for the people of the country
I mean after all what do they do apart from spend our money for us on deciding what they think would be best for us. if they just listen to the people and do whats best then they would have my vote, I know that my ideals are not the same as every one Else's but I think that they should just listen rather than dictate

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Jennifer said...

It's very discouraging, I know.