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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What faith is to me

A member of the church came round to the house today and he was asked to give a speech at church about what faith meant to him and how it gives him strength.

We talked for about a hour on the subject. It really got me thinking about faith, and strength through faith . I have never doubted my belief in god and my church and surly that alone is a act of faith.

Faith is so many things all rolled in to one, faith is knowing what you are capable of and what your limits are , faith is knowing that God and Jesus do exist and are there even though I might never see them in my life here on earth. Faith is knowing that I can do my job well, Faith is knowing that I will be with my beautiful Jenn very soon. Faith is knowing that I have the strength to help not just the people I love but a stranger who I don't know.

Faith is love and love is faith and faith is strength, faith can move the biggest mountain , faith can keep a man firm where he stands so that nothing can move him. faith is believing in others and having them believe in you.

Faith is when I close my eyes at night knowing that they will open again in the morning. Faith is power and faith is knowing that you will never be alone, Faith is courage in the face of danger.
Faith is what we have in each other.Faith is a prayer and a answer to the prayer.

So that and many other things is what faith is to me.
I hope it makes sense to all who read this.


-stephanie- said...

Makes sense to me. Good post Wayne.

Jennifer said...

I love seeing your faith in God and in the church. You are such a wonderful example to me. I know I'm a better person because I know you.