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Monday, 22 November 2010

Internet problems

I got back to England on the 15th of November, it was around 10am and the weather was actually quite sunny but the air was crisp and cold and there was even some frost on the ground if I remember correctly, I made it back to the house at about 2:40 pm .

I was so tired from the journey but I tried to stay awake as late as possible, now When I got my new computer in the USA I had wireless access so That was great but here in England the wireless not as big of a thing so you really have to go to the city to find it around here. but I have a dongle for my internet and I thought that I would be able to just plug in and go, that's all I did on my old computer and it installed it's self and everything, All I had to do was press connect.

I installed it on my new computer as normal but when the start up window came up it had no signal and no network and wouldn't let me connect, I must have tried to uninstall and re install it about ten times before I called the customer support, I explaind to them what was happening. The man who I talked to took me through a range of problems and we tried a few different settings and after about 5 minutes of nothing working the man said "I'm sorry, you must return your computer it has a fault and that's why you can't connect".

What was I going to do return it by post, it would cost a fair bit I bet, I didn't give up there though, I kept trying to figure out if I could find a way to connect, i had my old computer that still worked fine and I used that to look up different ways that people had made it work, but I needed it to be connected to the internet so they were no good, I finally went round to my sisters, she had wirless and I got it to work up there. Back at my house it was still no joy, I decided I would give the company one last try. I called them up and a woman helped me this time, and within about 5 minutes she had figured out the problem and got me up and running.

Good job I didn't listen to the first guy I talked too. so now my computer works fine, I still use my old computer but it is almost dead now and while it still does what I need it to, perhaps it is coming to the time that I should decommission it. I will decide on a date soon enough I guess but I still need to transfer a lot of files from it so, i wont retire it until at least the end of this month and possibly beyond.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you've gotten your internet to work now.