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Sunday, 14 November 2010

My trip to see my Jenn

Today was mine and Jenn's last full day together and we made the most of every minute.
We both decided that we would go to a petting zoo just outside of Dahlonega, and when we got there it was so wonderful, they had pigs and sheep and lamas, they had pony's and cows and you could feed and pet all of them.

When we went through the main gate we were given a cup of food for the animals and we followed the trail around the small farm. Jennifer and I loved to feed the animals
but it was very hard to feed just one of the animals in a pen because as soon as the others saw that we had some food the rest came running and one of the goats even nibbled at my legs.

There was a chicken that was clucking away to its self that made me laugh, and there was two turkeys walking around and some other bird that never shut up but the trip was so amazing and me and my Jenn have both agreed to go back again soon.

We got back to dahlonega after getting lost and some how turning up right where we was meant to be and neither of us knew how we had made it there because we went the complete wrong way.

We were both feeling very hungry and we stopped at the Chinese and ate as much as we could. My Jenn also bought me my Christmas gift, I always wanted a electric razor, My beautiful Jenn bought me one and I love it, I will never use a normal razor again. Thank you my beautiful Jenn, I love you so much.

we went to Jenn's dorm and we watched the movie grownups while I did my laundry.
and now I am beginning to pack my bags and getting ready to go back to England tomorrow, I really don't want to go and it always makes me sad having to go back but I will be coming back again in February to be with my beautiful Jenn again. but for now I am going to hold tight to these hours that I have with my beautiful Jenn. every minute of every day is so precious and I don't want to miss a second. Never let seconds spent with the one you love slip away. make every one of them count.


-stephanie- said...

I'm sad you two have to be apart too.
I'm glad you had a wonderful trip.

Jennifer said...

That was really a fun day. I hope we can go back to the petting zoo soon.