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Thursday, 11 November 2010

My trip to see my Jenn

Me and Jenn are enjoying our time together every day, we do all the things that we love and spend as much time as possible together, Yesterday we both made our selves feel sick, we started off the day as usual, Jenn went to class and I waited for her in Bojangles and when Jenn was finished with class we went to pizza hut.

We had a large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni on one half and sausage on the other.
After that we went to Jenn's apartment and spent some watching a little tv while we decided what to do.
We decided we would go watch the movie called Morning glory, a very funny movie, but it wasn't showing till 5pm so we went to the North Georgia shopping outlet.

When we got there it was only 2:30 pm so we had time to kill, we went through a few of the shops and looked at the products they had to sell. I can understand that a shop needs to make profit, that's what retail and sales is all about, making money. One store me and Jenn went in sold bags and clothing, but I could not believe the prices. Jenn showed me one bag and the price was $1'395'95. I nearly dropped through the floor, the hats were over $200 dollars in fact I didn't see a single item under $1oo dollars in this particular store. not even the wallets.

and what really got me is that the assistants came up and said " If ya'll buy anything in the store today you get 20% off". it wouldn't surprise me if you needed a credit reference to use the restrooms.

Anyway we had a huge pretzel to share and a drink of diet coke then we went to the movies and watched morning glory. we had a white cherry icy which was free to refill and popcorn with extra butter on it, while we watched the movie we got a refill 5 times on the icy and by the third time even the clerk was starting to say to look at me a bit odd, but they taste sooo good. after the movie we went to the Waffle house together and I had a special which was egg and toast with hash browns and bacon and a waffle and Jennifer had sausage and biscuits with white gravy.

We got back to Jenn's apartment and started to watch family guy, and that's when we both started to feel sick, we had eaten to much of the greasy stuff I think, we managed to hold it down thankfully.

we both agreed not to eat at the waffle house so late in the evening again.


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry the guy doing the refills was looking at you strange. Those things cost enough to get 5 refills, though!

Jillien said...

I'm so happy that you and Jennifer are still going strong!