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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My trip to see my Jenn

First of all I am sorry to those of you who read my blog, I haven't been writing every day about what me and my Jenn have been doing but with good reason.

My old laptop has become very I'll, when I switch it on the fan is so loud that it sounds like a helicopter taking off and the screen is now half fuzzy. I had a peace of paper wedged in to the side of the screen to stop that from happening but now even that doesn't help. My feeling is that the laptop is very close to the end now, but I have had it since early 2007 so in terms of computers I would say it has lasted very well and served its purpose.
If it wasn't for that computer me and my beautiful Jenn would have never met, or would we?

And now for the good news, my beautiful Jenn persuaded me to buy a new laptop, a Compaq with windows 7 and a very nice 250 gig hard drive of memory for all my pictures games and letters and it is sooo quiet, I can't even hear it when I turn it on or off and while the screen isn't as tall its more wide and it has all the features my previous on had. at first I was hesitating to get one but after a good think about it and Jenn telling me that the old one was so loud it could wake up the dead, I decided to get it, and I guess that another thing is that if it had broken all together while I was in England it would be more expensive and mean that I would have to wait another month to see my Jenn again. Oh yeah that brings me to my other good news. I am planing to be with my Jenn again in February and if all goes to plan I will be with her for valentines day.

So what el's have we been doing, well we have been to see two movies the first one was called Due date and was very funny. I have decided that Robert Downie JR has now made it in to my top ten list of all time male actors.

and the second was Mega Mind, a animated movie which was just as funny and a great film for the whole family.

We have been dining at all of our favorite restaurants and have been enjoying the time we have together, and even did some coloring until the food arrived

so that is a quick recap of some of the things we have been up to, I love been here with my Jenn and every second is a blessing.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you got your new computer. I love you.