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Friday, 12 November 2010

My trip to see my Jenn

what a great day we had.

Yesterday while Jenn was in her class, I decided I would go for a jog.
I jogged my normal route and then I decided to jog a little more, even though I felt kind of tired I felt it was time to push my self that little bit more. Where my Jog usually finishes is at the bottom of a hill. I decided it was time to see how far I could make it up the hill, I could feel my legs burning and I was gasping for breath , I looked up and I could see the top of the hill.

I said to my self "Cmon Wayne you can do it," I got to the top of the hill and decided to keep going, I jogged and jogged and jogged further that I ever thought I could . I ended up back where I started again, I had been jogging for 45 minutes and I don't know how many miles but when I stopped I felt so proud of my self. I couldn't stop smiling even though my legs felt like lead and my hands were tingling. I got a cup of water from Dairy queen and I walked back to Jenn's collage and met her from class. we decided that we would have a night watching a movie at Jenn's dorm with some pizza. we watched every things fine with Robert de nero and drew Barrymore.

Jenn made me some sloppy Joe's which I love, its kind of like chili con Carny but without the spicy part.

I never knew that cocacola was invented here in Georgia and it started out as a medicine, who would think it, me and Jenn plan to go to the cocacola factory one day soon.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm so proud of you with your jogging and I'm glad you like my sloppy joe's. I love you.