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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My tirp to see Jenn day two

Here is what me and my beautiful Jenn did on our second day.

First it was Jennifer's birthday today 1st of November.

My Jenn had to go to school first thing where she is helping to teach a class of children so while she did that I went for a early morning jog and then when she was finished I took Jennifer to the restaurant of her choice and she had what ever she wanted of the menu.

Jenn selected a Irish traditional pub in the square in Dahlonega, and we decided that we would share some potatoes with cheese inside , and for the main course we had fish and chips.

Now with me been from England chips there and chips in America are two different things.
Chips in England are fries in America and American chips are what us English folk call crisps.
When the lady asked us if we would prefer Potato chips or fries, I said " Oh we will have Chips please". Thinking that she would come out with English chips, I mean it was a Irish pub which is right next door to England, surly it was the same thing, but Noooooo!!.

She comes out with a truly beautiful peace of fish but wait a minute whats going on here, she brought out crisps. Oh well we still eat it anyways. but Lesson learnt, England chips, America Fries!!!.

We took a walk around the area and looked in a few windows but most places were closed by now. I also did my good deed for the day, a man and a child were trying to get in to the trunk of their car. The man had locked his keys in his trunk and the small child was able to fit in by pulling forward the rear seats and crawling through in to the trunk, but there was a problem, he couldn't see anything because it was pitch black in the trunk. I heard the man asking if any one had a flash light. I borrowed him my phone which had a flash light for the camera built in. it only took a few minutes after that to get his keys, the man thanked me and the child and went on his way.

We also eat at Chick fil A and I must say that I have never seen FRIES like they have there, they are in a grid pattern, I had a chicken burger with cheese and Jennifer had chicken nuggets.

later that night Jenn showed me all the cards that she had received from the children, they were all so cute and fun to read, I told Jennifer that it was proof enough that she was a good teacher because all the kids love her.

We ended the night watching Sex and the city 2 with some cake and soda. a perfect day.
I love you Jenn

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

It was really a fun birthday. I love you so much.