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Thursday, 3 September 2009

I'm a great uncle....Again!

I have two nieces and When the first one told me she was gonna have a baby I felt over joyed but also a little old at the same time.
So you can imagine when my second niece told me she was gonna have a baby to I felt ancient.

But every time I hold these little bundles of joy I feel so happy , they are so very cute and precious.

I would like the world to meet Jack my new great nephew

He was born n the first of August and weighed 8 pounds and 2oz .
and is so very cute.


Jennifer said...

He is huge compared to little Marcus but he is so so cute. I'm glad you got to hold him.

Lisa said...

How beautiful! Looks like he has his Uncle Wayne's hair color. Maybe he will get those curls? Hopefully! Wish I had them! LOL Congratulations Ancient Great Uncle Wayne! :)

The Stiffs said...

Congrats! He is a cutie!

H F W said...

Congratulations! Babies are wonderful additions to a family.

Jillien said...

AAWWWW! He's sooo beautiful! I bet you're a great uncle.