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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Small cat diary

I have decided to make a diary for the five cats in the house, I probably won't make a entry in this diary to often.

It seems that at the moment all five of them are doing things that will keep me writing for a while at least.

Some weeks I will include pictures or even video's of them in and their activity's

So here is a reminder of who is who

This is Sophie the oldest of the five, she likes to be the mother figure amongst them.

This one is called Sugar, she is the boss the alpha cat, she keeps them all in line and protects them from all those male cats.

This is Daisy, possibly the most clumsy cat in the world. She is the only cat I have ever known to fall over while she is laid down.

This little fire ball is called Polly, she is the mischievous one, the wind up merchant. Sh isn't afraid of anyone or anything, she would stand up to king Kong.

And finally, Melissa. She is sister to Polly and seems to think she is a house maid. she drags any dirty laundry from the wash basket and brings it down to the washing machine.

Well there you have it, all five cats each one we love very much.

today Melissa and Polly were busy cleaning each other when without warning they started to fight, I cant say who started it but they were really going at each other. I don't like it when they fight so I tried to stop it and just look at the evil look they gave me for trying to stop them.

That's the last time I disturb them , I thought they were gonna kill me. I guess I should never interfere with sisters fighting


Bridget said...

LOL! Looks like they didn't like you breaking up their cat fight!! :D

-stephanie- said...

Only their momma can break up fighting sisters. It's best you stay away. I enjoyed this post.

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

They're so cute and funny!