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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Small cat diary

Invasion attempt.

over the last few weeks there has been a visitor at the rear window of the house, a unwelcome visitor, a invader of privacy for our five little cat's.

this invader comes in the form of a male cat and we think he likes Daisy. He always comes to the window at the same time and Daisy is always there when he appears at the window.
The second he appears all you can hear is hissing and growling from Daisy.

the last time he came to the window Sugar heard the commotion and came running to the window,

He soon changed his tune once sugar was there, she didn't even have to hiss at him.

just seconds after this video he took off running, sugar is the alpha cat and even though she may attack the others when they go near her or her food she is the first one to protect them when strangers come to the window. Good old sugar.


Jennifer said...

very funny. i'm glad sugar is protective of the other cats.

-stephanie- said...

He's a beautiful cat. He looks like the male cat we had. Maybe he can see what a great life your cats have and wants to come in and join them.

Galaxy6139 said...

Haha, really funny situation!