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Sunday, 6 September 2009

My first sacrament blessing

To day was such a wonderful day for me, I did my first sacrament blessing, but how ever it was a bit more sudden than expected. About 4 months ago my bishop asked me to perform the sacrament blessing, every week since then I have ment to do the blessing but have often had to leave early because of my work. I was worried that bishop had forgotten about deal we had made in the past, well not so much of a deal but more of a arrangement. The arrangement is that When I go to See my beautiful Jenn I am going to baptize her, but first Bishop wants me to use my priesthood power here first in other words perform the sacrament blessing and then he will give me permission to perform the baptism. So quite naturally I wanted to do the sacrament blessing, and I know that time was running out , so I said to bishop "Hey Bishop can I do the sacrament ?" and he said " Yeah sure". I was just thinking that I had at least a week to prepare my self so I could relax for this week, just as I was about to say those very words to my mother Bishop said "you can do the blessing today".

I felt my heart jump in to my throat, talk about been put on the spot . I now had just a hour to prepare my self , I felt that all familiar nervous feeling take a hold and all of a sudden I couldn't seem to concentrate. and before I knew it the time had come for the sacrament meeting, I sat up on the front of the chapel and looked at the crowd looking at me. I had a good help from the two boys one called Donald and I can't remember the other boys name, but the walked me through what I had to do and showed me the script that I had to read from. the time came for me to do my part of the blessing, I was so nervous but I just kept thinking about how doing this would enable me to be able to baptize my Jenn. I was to bless the water I had to say the words perfectly or say the entire script again. So I bent down on one knee and began to read the water blessing to the entire church, I had go about half way through what I was reading and I said one of the words wrong so I had to start from the beginning of that paragraph. I began to read it again, I could feel my breath running short, I didn't want to mess up and I dare not stop to draw breath. I managed to read it all perfect this time round. I was so happy that I had got it right. I plan to do another sacrament before I leave to be with My Jenn. so that was quite a adventure for today and a experience I shall never forget.

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Jennifer said...

I'm very proud of you, Wayne. I love you.